Salman Shaheen RT Going UndergroundAn award-winning, progressive journalist and author, I am Editor-in-Chief of The World Weekly, and I often write for the New StatesmanHuffington Post and Left Foot Forward. I am a frequent political commentator on TV and radio, often speaking on the BBC, Channel 4Sky News, RT and LBC among others.

I have also written for the Guardian, Times of India, New Internationalist, Evening Standard, Liberal Conspiracy, Red Pepper, Globalist, and Petroleum Economist and my award-winning reports on tax avoidance whilst Editor of International Tax Review magazine have been picked up by the Times, the Telegraph, the Observer and the Financial Times. I was a co-presenter alongside Jon Snow on the Channel 4 children’s news series First Edition and I have interviewed numerous leading figures in politics and the media including Ken Loach, Nick Clegg, Mario Monti, Margaret Hodge, Tony Benn, Clare Short, Caroline Lucas, George Galloway, Diane Abbott, Michael Meacher and Mark Steel.

Born in Norwich in 1984, I graduated with a Double First in Social & Political Sciences from Jesus College, Cambridge and an MA in Creative Writing from the University of East Anglia. I now live in London.

From 2014-15, I was Principal Speaker of Left Unity, however I stepped down from my position and resigned from the party after Jeremy Corbyn was elected Labour leader. I am now a member of the Labour Party. I am also a spokesperson for Another Europe Is Possible, the left campaign for Britain to remain in Europe to change Europe. As an activist, I am a strong supporter of human rights, environmentalism, tax justice, peace and equality.

I am currently working on a novel, Senescence, a piece of speculative fiction based on the premise that the first person to live to 1,000 has already been born.

Here you will find a collection of my latest scribblings from articles to fiction, along with some of my media appearances, plus my blog. All views expressed are personal and do not reflect the apolitical line of The World Weekly or any other publication I’m involved in.