Fighting for our train services

I have written to South Western Railway to oppose plans to cut the number of trains on the service between Twickenham and Waterloo.

I wrote:

“Having lived on Twickenham Road and worked in the City, I can tell you the Twickenham to Waterloo route is a vital service for the commuters in the southern half of Isleworth. Isleworth ward is poorly served by public transport. It does not have a tube station and Isleworth railway station is only of use to those living in the northern half of the ward. For those living in the south of the ward, it is a half hour walk to Isleworth station. Twickenham station, which is around 15 minutes’ walk for those living in the south of Isleworth and is easily reachable via the 267 bus, is for many residents the only viable fast commute into central London.

“I would therefore urge you to consider the views of the many Isleworth residents I have heard from who are strongly opposed to this reduction in service. I hope you will take into account their views alongside those of residents across the border in Twickenham.”

Fundamentally, however, I believe that railways should be run for the public good and not for profit.

Ultimately, when we have railways run by private companies for profit, they will always look to maximise their gains and this will often come at the expense of commuters who already have to put up with cramped conditions at exorbitant prices. This will push more people into cars at a time when we need effective public transport to help us bring down CO2 emissions and improve air quality. The railways should be brought back into public ownership and run for the good of us all.

I previously led a campaign that saved the 110 bus route between the Ivybridge Estate and West Middlesex Hospital from being cut by TfL.

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