We did it! We saved Park Road Allotments

I am overjoyed that my colleagues on Hounslow Council planning committee rightly threw out the Duke of Northumberland’s plans to bulldoze Park Road Allotments. Not one councillor voted in favour. They have voted to preserve a green paradise that has been worked by the people of Isleworth for over a century.

I now call on the Duke to abandon his threats to evict the allotment holders. Let them stay. Let them work the land they love and treasure. If the Duke is a reasonable man then he will not appeal the Council’s decision. He should lease the land back to allotment holders. Or better yet, sell it to the community, so that we can preserve it as a common treasury for another century to come.

Along with the Isleworth Society and allotment holders, I spoke in opposition to the plans at the planning meeting last week – https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10104145285127540&id=36907304

Our victory has been widely covered in the press including the
Daily MailTimes, Evening Standard, The i and local press in both Hounslow and Northumberland.

Having led the press campaign along with Sophie Peel, I’m grateful to the media for helping us expose the Duke’s threatening letters to evict allotment holders and truly stepping up to hold power to account in the best traditions of the British press.

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