Appearance on Sky News: Debating Dan Hodges on Miliband’s welfare reform plans

I was on the Boulton & Co show on Sky News last week, debating the Telegraph’s Dan Hodges on Ed Miliband’s welfare reform plans.

Both Hodges and I have traditionally been critical of Miliband, but from opposite directions. Now Hodges appears to be warming up to Miliband as he lurches to the right over welfare, while I find myself increasingly believing that despite some early promising signals, Labour is neither providing a vital alternative to austerity nor representing working class people.

As a representative of Left Unity, I was supporting Ken Loach’s call for a new party of the left.

You can watch part of the debate here:

I don’t own this clip. It was uploaded by someone called Liarpoliticians. I’m not sure why he/she chose to put this clip up. I’m neither a liar nor a politician.

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