Saving our bus services

Transport For London has been forced to re-think plans to cut buses serving West Middlesex Hospital after pressure from Isleworth councillors and residents. TfL had announced plans to scrap the 110 bus route, serving the hospital and a number of Isleworth schools as part of a consultation launched in October 2018.

The proposals triggered protests from Isleworth residents and along with Rob Kemp, I ran an online campaign and street petition against the plans. Initial pressure from the residents and councillors forced TfL to extend the deadline for the consultation to January 2019. Further action, including the petition with over 800 signatures which was presented to the London Assembly, has now led to a change of plans by London’s transport administrators. 

Instead of scrapping the 110 service which provided an essential link between West Mid Hospital and the Ivybridge Estate, TfL has announced that it will only re-route the 110 service and instead extend the existing H22 bus from Twickenham to serve West Middlesex Hospital via the Ivybridge Estate.

“This will retain many of the links broken by the withdrawal of route 110,” said Chris Hall from TfL while announcing the outcome of the consultation which received 3800 responses in total. “These changes help to address concerns raised in response to the original scheme – and give higher bus service frequencies to West Middlesex Hospital.”

I’m pleased to see that TfL has listened to the concerns of Isleworth residents. People power forced them to revise their plans and ensure a decent bus service to the hospital remains in place. It’s essential that good transport links are maintained to West Middlesex Hospital, especially during the Covid-19 crisis. But I remain concerned that the H37 reduction will further compound poor public transport in Isleworth.

Changes are due to come into effect in December 2020. The consultation report, including responses to the issues raised can be found

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